A Country That Reads Is A Country That Leads

Yeewket Admas is Amharic meaning knowledge horizons. With knowledge we can expand our horizons and improve our world. Library Information Foundation For Ethiopia is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide good quality books to Ethiopians to help them develop a culture of reading and self-improvement. We have opened or assisted the opening of 22 libraries in Ethiopia. We humbly ask for your charitable contributions to help further our goal. Click Here

Ethiopia's massive rural population of 57 million struggles to make ends meet as substistence farmers. Some 50 percent cannot read or write and have no access to printed materials. Many have never used a computer. Library Information Foundation For Ethiopia (LIFFE) is working to close that educational gap but needs community support. Founded by Ahmedin Nasser, LIFFE is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, working to set Ethiopia's nearly 105 million residents on a path to universal literacy and socio-economic self-reliance by establishing a nationwide network of free public learning and community centers in Ethiopia. The hub of LIFFE's U.S. activities is in Oakland, CA where a small group is collecting educational books and money, and lining up transportation and logistics assistance to get the books to Ethiopia. The books being sought are educational non-fiction narratives, textbooks, technical manuals, classical literature and children's primers. Additionally, LIFFE wants to furnish the centers with computers and peripheral equipment, and recruit volunteers to teach Ethiopians how to use and maintain the libraries.


To date, the following libraries have been set up in Ethiopia by LIFFE.

  • 1. Sululta Secondary School
  • 2. Dejen Secondary School
  • 3. Bethlehem D/Zeyt Sedoncary School
  • 4. Mekane Iyasus D/Zeyt Sedoncary School
  • 5. Nefas Silk Lafto Sub-City
  • 6. Future Generation Kara Kore
  • 7. Future Generation Kore Lafto
  • 8. Future Generation Mekanisa
  • 9. Future Generation Ambo
  • 10. Wilkite Secondary School
  • 11. Wollo Weldiya Sub-City Higher Secondary School
  • 12. Higher 23 Preparatory School
  • 13. Aweliya Main Office
  • 14. Yemen Community School
  • 15. Azezo Higher Preparatory School (Gondar)
  • 16. Abidir Lower Secondary School
  • 17. Afar Semera University
  • 18. Dires Sport Association
  • 19. Endber Secondary School (Gurage Zone)
  • 20. Gidole Higher Secondary School
  • 21. Kaliti (Prison)
  • 22. East Gojam
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